Monday, February 27, 2012

New videos

Long time no post!
Busy busy busy!

Riley is up and running. He's a walking pro. He's eating more and more foods, he's babbling more, and every day he's amazing us at how wonderful he is.

I've got afew videos on youtube that Ihaven't shared here yet.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas pictures


I'm horrible at keeping up with more than one blog at once.

A few Riley updates.
He's walking! He took his first steps on his birtday, November 21st. And about a month later he was walking extremely well, and now he's almost able to pull off a full run for good stretches of time.

We had a great Christmas. Got to see a lot of family we don't see often, got to spend some quality time with the ones we see more frequently, and had lots of good food. Of course Riley got lots of new toys! He got snowpants and boots, and his first sled! Now we're just waiting for the snow. It's snowing now for the first time since Christmas, and I'm hoping it continues overnight so Riley and I can go out and play in it in the morning. In the mean time we've been enjoying going outside and walking around the yard in the sunshine and stretching our legs.

Here's a video of Riley walking around outside!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Riley is bobbing his head to music now =)


Riley took his first steps on the night of his first birthday, November 21st. Here's a video of him walking one month later =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy birthday!

Riley officially turns 1 tomorrow!
We had his first of two birthday parties today, at his grandpa and grandma Bigard's house. He had a good time, once he had his nap and woke up refreshed. He got fun new toys to play with and great new clothes. He got to play with wrapping paper and balloons. He had his first ice cream cake and cupcake. And he got to take a bath when he got home, which was a bonus, he loves bath time.

Here's some pictures!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I know I'm horrible

I've been slacking with the whole blog thing.

We're preparing for Riley's first birthday! We made the invitations and hopefully they'll be sent out in the next week or two. We're having two parties, which is fine with us because that means more cake! Can't wait to give Riley his first piece of cake.

He's pulling himself up to standing like a pro, and he can move along the furniture. He's just now starting to take steps when you hold him up.

That's about all I have to report today. So I thought I'd post a few pictures, because I know I'm behind on that too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 months!

Riley Bear is 10 months old today!
He has a cold. He woke up all stuffy and he had a hard time eating. We had a really hard time getting him to sleep for his first nap, he'd fall asleep over our shoulder  but he couldn't breathe when we'd lay him down and he'd wake up crying. I finally got him to sleep and propped his head up on a pillow for his nap and he was able to sleep almost 2 hours.
He's been doing better since then. I have the humidifier on and I've been rubbing baby vapor rub onto his chest, and he seems to breathe better, but his nose is really runny. Better than too stuffy.
We're getting ready for his first birthday! We'll be having two parties. I'm getting together with Cindy, Daniell and Hillary tomorrow to make invitations.

Riley has been getting up at least once a night, sometimes twice. If he stays up until 1 or 2 am he normally sleeps until 9 or 10, but if he goes to bed sooner he gets up after being asleep only an hour or two. I'm not sure how to fix the problem. I want him, and us, to get a full night's sleep. Sometimes when he gets up he's up for an hour or two. Maybe we just have a night owl who needs to stay up until 1am.
Hopefully I'll get some more pictures taken soon. Our rechargeable batteries haven't been charging, so the camera is out of commission.

Monday, September 19, 2011


So apparently there are no safety regulations or cleanliness standards in place for the playscapes at fast food places. This doesn't make sense to me. I'm actually a little surprised that these places are even allowed to keep the play lands, with all the horror stories I've heard of the injuries that can happen to children there. And there are articles and tests proving that they aren't getting cleaned as often as they should be, or not at all.
You can sign a petition or make a donation here to help get standards and regulations put in place for the maintenance of these play lands. I'd feel better letting Riley play in one knowing it gets cleaned on a regular basis.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day craft session

Yesterday a couple friends and I got together and made some little paper corner bookmarks. We had the hubbies watch the babies in the other room. It was nice to get a little break, and it was great to be crafty for a little while. All in all, lots of fun. And Riley and Chloe both did great.

We were having problems with the camera.... need to work on that. It's not even a year old yet, I'm really hoping it's not just dying.

Riley has his 9 month checkup today! Hopefully there's no shots. He's already fallen down and hit the coffee table today, which wasn't pretty. Poor little guy needs a break.

He's crawling on his hands and knees now, and he's pulling himself up to stand while holding onto things. He went from doing neither of these to doing them really well in the span of about 5 days. He's pretty amazing. Every day you can see him learning new things. He knows which buttons on his toys make things play music, he knows that the people in the mirror are actually standing behind him and that they're not really in the mirror. Every day is exciting.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 months!

Riley is 9 months old!!!

It's been a while since I've posted because this is my second blogger account, I have one for my jewelry business as well, and I have a hard time going back and forth between the two. I've been working on my jewelry page a lot, trying to boost some sales.

The day before yesterday, Riley pulled himself up to standing all by himself. He was trying to get over my jewelry supplies carrying case, which stands a bit over a foot tall. He grabed it and tried to climb, and ended up standing. He didn't even fall, I ended up going over to get him because I didn't want him falling into the entertainment center's glass doors.

He had blueberries for the first time the other day. I put them in the mesh feeder. I took a couple pictures of his blueberry stained face, but I haven't looked at them to see if they turned out. We think there's a problem with the shutter speed on our camera, and almost all of our pictures are coming out fuzzy.

Maybe next time I'll post some of the pictures I keep promising I have.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Riley is highly mobilized!
He's been crawling pretty well for probably a week now. He's starting to climb over stuff now. And he can go from being on his belly or back, to sitting straight up all on his own.

He's eating little veggie puffs, and drinking apple juice from a sippy cup. =)

He's trying to figure out how the drain in the bath tub works too.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Progress report!

Riley is progressing so fast! Every day I'm amazed by something new.

The day before yesterday, I noticed that he was doing something with his hands that was like a wave. So I've been waving at him and saying 'Hi Riley!' and when people leave, we wave and say 'Bye bye!' He's been mimicing us, so when we wave, he kinda waves. It's not perfected yet, but you can tell what it is, and it's on purpose. I just assumed it was a mimic and nothing else, that he didn't know what it meant. But today, we were petting the kitty, and when she walked away I said 'Bye bye kitty!' And without having to lead him, Riley waved bye bye to her! It was pretty amazing. I think he does actually associate the wave with 'bye bye' and he's only been doing it for two days!

He's also army crawling at a pretty good speed. Today, he chased Angel around the coffee table lol.

He went out to eat today with Grandma and Grandpa Leonard and I. For the first time, we put him in a high chair. I figured he'd get tired of sitting up in a short while and I'd end up holding him. But he sat in his high chair the whole time! He was great. He was watching everyone as they walked by, and looked over at the kitchen when they got noisy. There was a toddler a few booths down in a high chair, Riley spent a lot of time looking over at him. The toddler definitely knew Riley was there lol he'd look over and giggle from time to time.

Riley and I went shopping for the first time by ourselves yesterday. It went really well. It was hard to carry him, the car seat and the bags of stuff I got, but we made it. The cashier couldn't believe he was only 8 months old. I guess I don't see enough babies, because I think when people are wowd and amazed by his size it's a little of an over exaggeration. I know he's a little big, but it's not like he's obese. I like to think he's healthy, and people don't see enough healthy babies.

I watch him in his jumper and it's funny. There is a bird and a banana hanging from the tops, and when he first started using it he couldn't reach them even when he stretched. Now he's grabbing them and chewing on them lol.

The jumper is definitely helping him learn to put weight on his legs. He didn't even try a couple weeks ago, but now that he's getting daily jumper time he's supporting himself on his legs for several seconds at a time. I think in another couple of weeks, he'll be able to support himself on his legs while holding onto something, and not having us hold onto him.

We tried finger foods today. I got little yogurt and fruit puff things. They're little puffy things about the size of a dime. He reached for them right away, and he can pick them up with two fingers. He didn't seem interested in putting them in his mouth, which is weird, because that's right where everything else goes when he picks it up. He just studied them. We got him to eat one and he didn't look happy about it. I don't think he likes how they taste. He did pick one up and put it in his mouth on his own, but still didn't seem to like it. I tried one, and it's not a bad taste, but it's a weird texture. It's not what he's used to. They're thick and creamy, like a mousse. I'm going to get the puffed rice cheerios for babies and try those. He likes rice cakes and I think they'll have a similar texture.

Going to a family reunion tomorrow. Excited for everyone to see him again, we haven't seen most of them since January and he's changed so much.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Riley has 6 teeth now =) I can't believe how good he's being, knowing how much it must hurt to have so many teeth come in, in such a short amount of time. You can hardly tell he's teething. There were a couple nights he didn't sleep well, but he's getting back on track.

We're gonna try finger foods sometime later this week, he's getting better with using just his fingertips. He does really well with the rice biscuits.

He's also army crawling now. No more staying on the blanket, he's all over the place! He might not be on his arms and knees but he's quick!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Herrick Park

We took Riley out to Herrick park yesterday to meet with some friends. Aimee's friend Kate was visiting Michigan for the weekend with her five year old daughter, and Jeremy was in town camping with them. We had a good time hanging out at the beach, though we didn't swim. Then we hung out at the camp ground a little while around the fire, had hot dogs and smores. Riley did so good all day. He got to meet new people, fell asleep in Kate's arms, and play on the swing and slide. He touched sand for the first time, and looked very unhappy about it.

Poor guy got a little too much sun. I had sunscreen on him but I didn't get it close enough to his eyes, he's got tiny sunburns under his eyes, it makes him look like a racoon. They were bright red last night when we got him out of the bathtub, but they look much better today. I was thinking about just calling the pediatrician to see if they'd want to look at it, sunburns before age 1 can be dangerous, but today it looks really mild. I can only tell it's there because I know it is, and I know how pale his skin normally is. If it still looks good Monday I won't worry about it, I have an aloe lotion for it and it doesn't seem to hurt him.

And Chloe was there =) Lisa and Justin came out from lansing, and CJ had his son Connor there for a little while. Thinking maybe next year we can camp with them.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Riley is 8 months old!!!!!

So last time I updated Rileyw as working on his fifth tooth. That one broke the skin several days ago so he now officially has five teeth! The other one in the top front looks like it will be the next to show up.

He's not quite crawling yet, but he slithers in such a way that he gets everywhere he wants to go. He pushes with his toes to launch himself towards what he's after.

He sits up like a pro! He teeters a little but he recovers and doesn't fall over often. I think when he does fall it's because he reaches a little too far for something. He can ride in the child seats in the shopping carts now =) It's so nice not to have the car seat in the cart. And he can watch everyone from there so he likes it too.

He's starting to mimic me. If I caugh, he'll caugh. When he sits up he'll slap his legs. If I copy him, he'll continue to do it and watch for me to repeat him.

We play a game where I hide behind his big elephant stuffed animal and pop out from behind him. Riley figured it out the other day, and now that he knows I'm back there he'll grab the stuffed animal and pull it away so he can see me and giggles.

He seems to like swimming. He's been in the pool twice now. He kicks his legs and he hops lol

He also likes bubbles. He'll watch them fly by forever and ever. I'll take his hand and help him pop them and he gets so confused lol.

We're trying to teach him to be gentle when he touches people and animals. He'll swat at you, and he gets so excited around animals that he flails his arms. He doesn't mean any harm he's just excited.

He also enjoys the slides at the park =)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holy cow! Over 10 days with no post? What's up with that anyway?

I have lots of new pictures to post, because we've had a busy summer. Riley's going swimming, he's going to the park, he's meeting new people.

I have a booth at the local sidewalk sale in downtown Mt. Pleasant on Friday and Saturday, and I've been using all my spare time to get ready for that. Once it's over, I'll have some time to post the pictures and update the blog. Riley's doing all kinds of new things that I can report on when I have more time on my hands.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Congrats to Kelly and Jason Nagy!

Good friend Kelly Avery-Nagy had her baby over the weekend. Chase weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We have a teething baby.

The first four teeth came in without any trouble. But apparently the next ones aren't going to be so easy. He's been cranky for about three days now, and occasionally wakes up at night. You can see one of his top front teeth trying to push through and I'm assuming that's the painful one.

I have a bunch of new pictures that I'll try to upload soon. His first swimming experience, and getting to see Chloe.

I know I always say that........

Monday, June 20, 2011

Riley is going to crawl any day now! He can finally get his belly off the ground. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. It's so cute! I just know when I get the camera out he'll stop.

We had a busy weekend. Went to Eddie's birthday party in Rose City. Riley did great. No stranger anxiety! Played with the kids, hung out in the sun a while, took a couple naps. He was great in the car, it's the longest stretch he's been in the car.

Yesterday we were at grandpa's for father's day and he did great. Got some good pictures of the family, then the batteries died.

He's also got three teeth, and one looking like it could show up any day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

So Riley has 3 teeth that have broken through the skin, and we can see a fourth that will be making an appearance any day now. Apparently he wants to get all of his teeth out of the way at the same time.

He's been taking teething really well. He gets cranky from time to time, but nothing really terrible. His naps are a lot longer lately, I'm assuming it's because he's sleeping through it.

He's eating a good variety of baby food now. Rice cereal, carrots, squash, green beans, applesauce, pears, apple/blueberry. He doesn't like peas, but I think I can sneak them in with something else. I've been mixing his veggies when there's only half jars left in the fridge. We picked up some baby yogurt that I'm going to give him in the next couple days. We're spacing out the introduction of new foods so we can watch for any reactions.

He's getting out for regular walks with me. I'm dieting and getting out more. He seems to enjoy them. He just takes in the sights. He has only fallen asleep once or twice.

We're taking him to a birthday party in Rose City tomorrow. It will be the farthest he's ever been from home =)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Make that two teeth. Period. =) Feels like the one on the top has cleared his gums!
Aside from the one tooth Riley has on the bottom, there are two coming in on the top. One is going to push through the skin any day now, it's really close.

He's had a busy weekend! Now it's time to relax.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We've known for a while now that Riley's teeth are bothering him. I felt a tooth for the first time yesterday. It's tiny and sharp, and I can't get a good look at it because it's under his tongue when he opens his mouth, but it feels like it's partially broken out of the skin. He has been more cranky the last couple days than normal, so I'm not surprised. Poor guy's in pain. Doesn't want to eat very often. I hope it passes soon.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Took some videos of Riley the other day. People keep telling me, take videos! They grow so fast, and you forget stuff.

So I've been taking video of some of the most random stuff.

I hope to get some posted soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Riley was sleeping so well through the night last week, he'd been doing good for a while. The last couple of nights have not been good.

Two nights ago I got up to soothe him back to sleep 7 times in 8 hours. He didn't act like he was in pain, he was just awake. Last night, he woke up crying at 1am, and I mean wailing in pain. We gave him tylenol, held him a while and finally fed him. He ate about 5 ounces and fell back asleep. Then he was up again at 4, Collen changed him and had to change the sheets because he spit up. I managed to get him back to sleep by rubbing his tummy and chest. He then slept until about 9.

I'm hoping he doesn't have an ear infection. It was one of the topics in a parenting newsletter I get in my email. I just happened to be reading it and it said one of the symptoms is not falling asleep easily and not staying asleep long. It's been difficult to get him to fall asleep the last few nights, and he's been waking every couple of hours.

He could also just be teething. Or growing. He's 27 inches long now so he's definitely growing, and eating more. He has his 6 month checkup on the 2nd, I'm going to ask them about it.

On the bright side, Collen started his vacation so I'll have a little help with Mr. Crankypants for a little over a week =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Riley had carrots for the first time today =) He loved them, ate all 4 tablespoons. He doesn't eat that much cereal.

6 months!

Riley turned 6 months old yesterday!

He didn't care for the bouncy seat all that much before. I don't know why it's called a bouncy seat, it vibrates. It only bounces when he wiggles. I've been putting him in it more lately, though I think he's getting close to the weight limit. It normally entertains him for a little while. And last night ne fell asleep in it for about half an hour lol. I think he enjoys it more now because he can play with the toys. His favorite, is when he can tug the toys off and play with the little strap that holds them on lol.

Here's a few random pictures.

We think we can see the beginning of a tooth in the front, on the top. He's definitely been more cranky, and sometimes you can tell he's in pain. We've been giving him a little baby pain relief here and there, it's been approved by the pediatrician.

He's back to eating rice cereal, but we've been putting a tablespoon of pears in it to make it taste better. He's eating it much better now than he was before.

Went to some yard sales on Saturday and got him lots of clothes. I also picked up a Pooh Bear walker, we've been wanting to get him a walker. But he's not tall enough! His feet touch in the bouncy, but not the walker. Oh well, at least we have it for when he is tall enough. I also found him a crib soother that lights up and plays nature sounds and music, it's the one I had on the registry and have been thinking of getting but it's not cheap. I haven't put batteries in it yet but I've been told it works.

Also got myself some high heeled boots and a nice purse. My feet went up a size when I was pregnant and haven't been able to wear any of my nice shoes. I thought it would be okay to get something for me, even though it was cheap. Make me feel a little more like myself and less like a sloppy mess lol